When multiple stakeholders want to access a document to suggest edits, accept and reject changes or discuss specific segments of a file, either at different times or simultaneously, things can get quickly confusing! Not to mention that manually comparing and correcting different document versions creates unnecessary work.

TeamDocs from Wolters Kluwer streamlines and accelerates collaborative document creation, editing and management. With TeamDocs, you can retain complete control, avoid errors and comply with deadlines more efficiently. Our tool is available as an on-premise solution and via the cloud.

Optimise collaboration

With TeamDocs, you get intuitive software that streamlines document collaboration and review. Invite people to access a document, make changes, add comments in the text and decide whether to accept or reject suggested edits from others. Get a comparative summary with a single click.

Improve reliability

Eliminate the pitfalls involved with manually comparing different document versions. TeamDocs automatically saves all information in a single place. You can be sure that you will see all the changes and comments made by each person with access to a file. An intelligent permissions concept takes care of any compliance issues.

Use your time more wisely

TeamDocs allows all stakeholders to edit a document at any time, even simultaneously, without documents having to be checked out or sent as email attachments. This minimises delays and means you have more time for the tasks that really matter.

Get rid of inefficiency

TeamDocs identifies changes in file versions and indicates any new changes before you continue work on a document. The result is a seamless workflow with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

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